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ADHD Coach Training

We are asking for expressions of interest in our forthcoming 'Coaching Skills for ADHD' training course set to commence in July 2023.

Our Practice needs trained coaches who can work with clients referred to us for assistance.  

If you are interested in registering for this course which is part time and entirely on line then please complete the 'Expression of Interest' form below. 

Become an ADHD Coach

There is a great need for ADHD coaching.

Tim Sanderson and Associates will be providing an on line, for fee, training course which will give you the necessary skills to be a coach for someone diagnosed with ADHD.

We intend to recruit from those undertaking the training someone to work with us in our ADHD focussed service.

There are no formal prerequisites, however, we are interested in neurodiverse individuals who have lived experience of successfully managing their ADHD challenges and are keen to learn how to coach others in dealing with this condition in a variety of settings.

 There are no formal qualifications in ADHD coaching, so we will provide a certificate of competency and a transcript covering the units covered in the training.   

There will be individual and group work, as well as the opportunity to undertake a project of personal interest.

This will be a skills based course, with sound research based psychology backing up the strategies and techniques that will be covered in the course.   

Assessment will be directly related to the skills we think are essential to effective ADHD coaching, so there will be a significant practical component to any assessment.  Knowledge tests are necessary, but how participants demonstrate that knowledge will be negotiable.    We need empathetic and skilled practitioners.  

Could this be you?

If you are interested then send us an email by clicking on the link below and we will keep you posted.  

Registrations will likely be open in May to commence in July.   

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