Welcome to the tribe

Indeed.  We are a tribe.  I include myself as I have ADHD & a fair smattering of High Functioning Autistic markers.  I have a lifetime of chaos and survival to show for it.  Don't misunderstand me, I don't see any of this a problem, far from it.  LIke all ADHD individuals I have tremendous insight into what that means, and more importantly how to take a positive and life affirming position to make the best of the gifts that ADHD bestows, allowing us to contribute significantly to many areas requiring problem solving and/or creativity.

You'll find us in a wide range of roles in the community - from healthcare, art, design, building, architecture, acting, singing and all forms of engineering - civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical and software.  We're your game designers and your friends who talk too much and have weird interests.  We're one of those very odd academics who haunted the halls at Uni, and we're the tragic 'died too young' famous faces who showed us their unbridled brilliance and through self medication, depression and anxiety died far too young, before they were 30.

You'll find us on the front line of the demonstration trying to right an injustice, rescuing abandoned animals and failing at the latest course we've attempted because we can't get the work started let alone handed in.  That and the latest relationship has also just come to grief, of we've just been fired from our job - again, and we've never felt so abandoned, and it feels like its all our fault. Right? 

If this is you.  You've come to the right place. 

This is your tribe. 


Welcome home.